Welcome!  Batteriet is a place where you can develop thoughts and ideas and create something together with others.

We are a centre for self-organization, self-help and advocacy work

We work together with groups and grasroots organizations that want to fight against social exclusion, isolation and poverty in Norway.  We believe that when you join with others, your voice is stronger and clearer.  We believe that people find strength when they stand together.

Batteriet offers office space, supplies and meeting space.  We help when you want to start an organization – or further develop an existing one. Each year we offer many courses for people and organizations who want to build community, mount public campaigns or work to influence the governments’ social policies.

Batteriet is a meeting point – where people can gather for discussion, mutual learning, network building and inspiration.  You can access our network and get support to develop your own.

Who uses Batteriet?

We are in contact with many in the self-help arena – immigrant organizations, activist groups, and organizations concerned with poverty and social exclusion across the country.

We offer:

  • Work rooms and office space — free access to meeting rooms, computers, Internet, telephone and copy machine.
  • Counseling for groups and individuals in organizations
  • Courses on how to start and run organizations
  • Advising for organizations
  • A meeting point where people can meet for discussion, mutual learning and inspiration
  • Network building across ethnic and geographic divides
  • Links between grassroots organizations and top politicians
  • Competence in organizational development, conflict resolution, public relations and project planning.

What do I need to do before I contact Batteriet?

If you have an idea or a need in your organization don’t hesitate to share it with us.  You don’t need to have complete plans before you come to us.

What is the easiest way to contact Batteriet?

Call us, send an email – or just stop by for a visit.  No appointment necessary.  All our services are free for Batteriet users. Please select your nearest city: